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For centuries and into modern times, gold and other precious commodities have been used as a way to store wealth. That wealth has been portable and therefore mobile.
– Galliano N M

Our Investment Philosophy


Governments worldwide have adopted fiat paper currencies and then debased them to finance reckless spending, precious metals remain the only honest and accountable form of money.

Gold and silver have served as a store of value and unit of exchange since the dawn of civilization due to their inherent properties: rarity, durability, fungibility, divisibility, and portability.

Paper Currencies

The Fiat period that kicked off in 1971, when Nixon closed the door on the gold standard period, is the only time in human history that money has not been made of precious metals or currency has not been backed by precious metals.

We believe the US dollar, the world’s reserve currency, is facing collapse, and there is no strong candidate to replace it. The euro, the only other currency with enough liquidity and financial backing to challenge the dollar, now looks very fragile. Brexit has led to the Pound Sterling being very exposed to risk and in decline in the near future.

China, soon to be the world’s largest economy, does not even allow its currency to trade freely in global markets.

In this scenario, only gold is considered a true safe-haven asset. Foreign central banks have already switched from being net-sellers to net-buyers of gold. We believe we are witnessing nothing short of the re-monetization of precious metals.

A Failed Experiment

Many investors are shocked to consider a return of gold as money. However, it is actually the fiat era that is unusual. The period since 1971, when Nixon closed the gold window, is the only time in human history that currency has not been backed by precious metals. This did not progress but in fact the result of a series of geopolitical events – namely the historic stability of the (gold-backed) US dollar and the dominance of the US after World War II.

The reason a fiat system was never attempted before is that it would give too much power to whatever group was able to control the printing presses. The US seized that power, and now its abuse of it is driving the global economy into a colossal crisis.

The Global Debt Bomb

The Western world is now facing unprecedented levels of sovereign debt. The worst nations — including Greece, Spain, the UK, and the US — have funded and unfunded liabilities greater than the yearly output of their entire economies. These governments have assumed debts and made promises they simply cannot afford.

When the major banks faced bankruptcy in 2008, Washington bailed them out; but Washington is also bankrupt, and it is bailing itself out in a way that few even notice. Since our ailing economy can hardly afford more tax hikes, and politicians can’t risk cutting entitlements, the federal government is undergoing an inflationary bailout.

Washington is simply printing more and more dollars. This allows it to pay back its bonds with cheaper and cheaper dollars until its creditors receive the nominal value printed on the front of their bonds. This does not erase the debt, but rather pays it back by stealing purchasing power from every investor, worker, and saver with dollar-denominated assets.

The worst part is that nearly every wealthy Western country in the world is mired in debt, and each one is devaluing its currency along with the US. It’s a race to the bottom and many


Kemet Gold is a well established and trusted gold dealer  and buying gold from Kemet offers authenticity, ease and maximum value.


Ketmet Gold makes the process of selling gold straightforward and legitimate by the methods we use.


Kemet Gold is a well established and trusted gold dealer  and buying gold from Kemet offers authenticity, ease and maximum value.


The decision to sell silver needs to be done at the best and most opportuned time in order to realise maximum profits.


Your Success is our only Mission

“Wealth is mastered by a wise man.
But, is master of a fool”
– Seneca


Increase as a Retirement Asset

In 2014 the Financial Conduct Authority added physical gold to its standard assets list. This has now meant that having assets in gold can now be seen as a safer way to save for retirement.


Deals and Opportunities trading with Kemet Gold

In addition to trading in Gold, Silver and Platinum Kemet Gold Wealth Management also offer advice and information on investment related to these metals including offers and specials that may become available.

Storing your Products during receipt and delivery.

Kemet Gold also understand that after purchasing metals there could also be the requirement for confidentiality delivery, security and safe storage before the customer gets the product

Providing valuable guidance to investors


The Kemet Gold advisory team specializes in providing valuable guidance to investors who have a vision of building their wealth by investing in precious metals like gold and silver, irrespective of whether they are beginners or experts.

Staying ahead of the competition

Trading in Gold, silver or Platinum as well as investing in any of these commodities does present an element of risk that Kemet Gold minimises by keeping you up to date with relevant and current information.



Professional Advisers

Kemet Gold have a experienced and well trained advisers


Great Track Record

Kemet Gold has a long list of very satisfied clients and successful transactions.

24/7 Support

As a client of Kemet Gold, you are given extensive support from your adviser.

Special Offers

Trading with Kemet Gold has the advantage of getting various discounts and offers.


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What our customers have said about us

I have found the service from Kemet Gold most exemplary and professional. They helped me buy gold in addition to advising on the best way to use it as an investment

Michael Marsh

General Manager

I gave up investing in gold and silver because of previous experience until I was introduced to Kemet who restored my faith in gold brokers

Denise Millward

Teacher, Leicester


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer services only in the UK?

Kemet Gold Wealth Management can handle transactions locally, Nationally and Internationally. We have clients both home and abroad.

Does Gold hold it's value?

People use gold as a way to increase and pass on their wealth from one generation to another. Gold maintains its value over the ages, unlike paper currency or other assets.

How is Gold affected by Inflation?

Gold has a history of holding it’s value against inflation. It’s being noted that the price of gold tends to rise when the cost of living increases.

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